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Exclusive Maria Menounos – Sexiest Woman Alive Montage (Video)

Watch The Exclusive Maria Menounos – Sexiest Woman Alive Montage (1Min 48Sec)


  1. This is one hot, intelligent, sexy, classy fun-loving woman!! A true Goddess in a country of sluts and whores….Take notes “ladies” THIS is a REAL woman!

  2. Sexy montage

  3. FOR THE GREEKS YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY ..MARIA MENOUNOS.. for the good Greeks. With this mynyma I send you tis eyxes mou gia ygeia kai eytyxia stin zoi sou, the rest of your life. You look strong, sweet, tough, in the eyes of the people, but i think you have ena dyskolo problima.poio einai to epomeno step for realy happynnes. Den se xero katholou kai sygnomy. Eixa kai ego to same problem. H lysi einai na gyriseis to myalo sou otan eisoun mikri kai kathari in your soul and your mind. Na afiseis ton xristo na se take everywhere he wants. Look back only for lessons. You are poly omorfi, auto theleis na akous? Oxi I don’t believe it. To onoma mou einai filippos eimai tou 1969, and I want to hear good thinks for you on the television, magazines,internet, newspaper. I don’t know if you read this, that’s why I wrote so much. Kalo kalokairi

  4. I am a huge fan of Maria Menounos and consider her to be a role model. I am currently attending classes at North Shore Community College in Lynn, MA and aspire to have a career in journalism. My ambition is to be involved in the entertainment industry, just like Maria. She is such a pretty woman and has the smarts to back up her beauty. It is so strange how much we have in common. We are both Massachusetts natives, have an interest in journalism, and are beautiful on the outside and inside. It would be my pleasure to meet Maria Menounos someday and talk with her.

    Best Regards,

    Zach C.

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